Randy Schemkes
Co-Owner and Winemaker

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About Us

Randolph cellars is a family owned and operated boutique winery founded and located in the historic downtown of Snohomish, WA. This winery and tasting room was envisioned by a father and son, both of whom are named Randolph (hence the name), and over the course of the last couple of years that vision has now become a reality.

Randolph cellars is the first and only fully operating winery and tasting room in the historic downtown area of Snohomish. The grapes that the wine is made from come from Eastern Washington across a variety of AVA's and vineyards. Once the grapes are harvested the wine itself is produced, cellared, and bottled by randolph cellars in Snohomish. The first vintage made by the father-son Randolph combo was 2013; producing 2 white varietals and 4 red varietals.

The father half of the combo, or Randy, began making wine as a hobby in the garage back in 2006. Some was good....some was not so good, but the passion and perseverance were there leading him to perfect his craft and begin making some outstanding garage vintages. The dream was there to take that hobby and turn it into a boutique winery, he was just waiting for somebody to join in the journey with him....

Enter the son half of the combo, or Alexander, to the wine-making world. Whilst in college Alexander discovered the taste for fine wine....but it didn't stop at the taste. The beautiful blend of art and science coming together in a wine glass sparked a desire and passion for wanting to make the best wine possible and so the dream of starting a winery became the post-graduation plan.

As they say: the rest is history. Thanks to the help from loved ones, years of hard work and study, and their passion for winemaking; randolph cellars has become a reality opening the doors of the tasting room in August 2015.

We hope you all will come enjoy the fruits of our labor, albeit alcoholic fruit, at randolph cellars. We look forward to perfecting our craft and producing the best wines Snohomish, and the state of Washington have to offer!

Cheers from Randolph and Randolph!​

R. Alexander Schemkes
Co-Owner and Winemaker

Lindsey Schemkes
Tasting Room Manager,  
Wine Club Manager, and Asst. Winemaker

Randolph Cellars